Re: Colocasia burgandy stem

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Lester Kallus wrote:

> I obtained a Colocasia "burgandy stem" from Plant Delights last summer and
> I thought I'd have plenty to go around this summer, but had miserable luck
> saving the tubers from last year.  Actually, they weren't even tubers, it
> was just stems that hadn't formed tubers.


Don't give up hope on your "not even tubers" from last year. You would not
believe the resurrections I routinely perform on pieces of various
Colocasias (and I am no saint).

I can't winter them over outside, and though I'm careful with the largest
pieces of each one (and, for a few such as Black Magic/Jet Black
Wonder/Voodoo, with every piece) I always have pieces I don't find -
especially with the 'Burgandy Stem' because it sends out those crazy
runners. Most haven't formed any tuber at all. I treat them with callous
disrespect - shake most of the dirt off, them toss them in a box in a heap
where they winter over with no - and I mean literally NO - water at all.
Any leaves that are up dry up and they look ghastly.

Whenever I think about it in the spring, I fill a shallow pan with water,
chunk them all into it, and when I see a new growing point start up, I pot
them up or give them away or whatever.

In fact, I found a piece of another Colocasia cultivar a guy in S.
Arkansas gave me last November in a sack just a few days ago, dry as a
bone since he dug it up, no real tuber at all. After about 4 days in
water, it's sprouting nicely.

I'm not recommending this, you understand, but these plants are really
tough, so don't count them out too early.


-- Steve Marak

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