Re: Amorph Konjac

Thanks everyone for the responses thus far! Well, the tuber is.. let's
see... about three inches across. It does need a bigger pot, doesn't it?
Well, another thing that struck me as strange was that it leafed out really
late last year, July or August I think, and kept growing through the
winter. I'd just assumed from the sprout that it had broken dormancy. I
think the high humidity in the plastic bag had caused it to sprout, but
then when I opened it, the lower humidity caused it to die back. (?)
*laugh* anyway.. Wish I could be languishing in some hot, steamy south Florida
At 01:12 PM 6/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>My konjac's are usually the last to emerge in my Amorphophallus farm, and 
>I have always suspected this was the case because konjac is the "least 
>tropical" of my plants. I don't believe konjac particularly cares for 
>this hot and steamy south Florida weather.
>Your note said you had the tuber planted in a 6 inch pot, but you did not 
>say how large the tuber is. My potting technique usually calls for a 
>container diameter that is a minimum of 3 times the diameter of the tuber.
>You mentioned the use of "potting soil". The word "soil" to me means 
>"dirt". You should be planting in a loamy planting medium that does not 
>collect and hold water.
>Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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