Re: Aroids in the garden

Dear Bob:

Sorry to differ with your hardiness of Alocasia macrorrhiza, but it is
hardy in zone 7b...occasional temp drops to 0F.  While it is better in
warmer climes, we have been growing it outdoors for 15 years.  It is
certainly not hardy outdoors even in the colder parts of zone 7.

At 09:22 AM 6/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Alocasia macrorrhiza will not survive your winter temps.  It's
>iffy in zone 9, as far as coming back from a freeze, and is really
>a zone 10-11 subject, although I've seen some recover from the low
>20s; but that was in a climate that has very few freezes compared
>to zone 6.  
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USDA zone 7b
minnium winter temperature 0-10 degrees F
maximum summer temperature 100 degrees F

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