Strange plant

I have a plant that is from a tuber collected in Laos.  Presently, it is
still small and has not had an inflorescence.  Solitary leaves will come up
from the tuber that resemble a Sauromation but the leaflets are, presently,
much smaller.  Also, the leaflets are shorter and wider than Sauromation.
Color...  light green with no variation or darker spots.  The leaflets are
attached to an extension of the petiole similar to Sauromation and Philo.
goeldii (pg.171 of "Genera.....").  Foliage is about six inches high at
present, but my guess is that it will mature at about twelve inches.  This
is just a feeling from current observations.

I would appreciate any guesses you might have.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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