green sand?

The following message was originally sent on 6/24 but appears to have
self-destructed before showing up, so here goes again:

After potting all the aroids that have arrived in the mail, I'm running low
on general potting soil.  It's time to mix up another batch.

My garden center friends make a mix in their center which includes:
3.5 cubic feet of a peat/perlite mix called Pro Mix
6 cups osmocote
6 cups green sand

I've had pretty good luck with the Pro Mix mixture as a general potting
mix.  I understand the osmocote.  I looked at the contents in the green
sand, though, and it didn't seem to have a whole lot in it.  It appears to
be a very weak source of nitrates and the label didn't imply that it had
anything else.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a source of trace
elements or what.  

Is someone out there familiar with it and if so, is there any value in it?
I do have enough left for a few more batches but am curious if I should
bother using it and if I should replenish my supply when it runs out.


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