Philo. seed order

Dear Aroiders
This is to advise all those out there who have registered interest with 
me regarding a Philodendron seed order from Brazil that Todd Ruth from 
California has kindly volunteered to take over the running and logistics 
of our seed order. Thanks Todd! Todd can be contacted on:

         Todd Ruth <>

Alvim Seidel in Brazil have agreed to sell us seed in smaller quantities 
(approx 100 seeds) at 30% of the 1000 seed price. We have a total of 14 
people thus far put their names down. If all 14 want seed of a given 
species it would mean only around 7 seeds per person if we order 100 
seeds/species. Given the average cost for 1000 seeds is in the range of 
$30 - $35 this would be a cost per person of around $2 - $2.50 per 
species. How do people feel about this? More seeds per person or fewer 
seeds of more varieties? Please let Todd know your thoughts on this as we 
need to figure out the best way to make the order.

I have sent Todd a list of all names and e-addresses of those that 
registered with me.

Unfortunately Alvim Seidel did not send me their latest list of species 
and prices so all I can do is post the one they sent me in 1991, bearing 
in mind prices will have changed and species may have too. I recall 
seeing a recent posting from someone regarding a recent ad from Alvim 
Seidel in some journal. A request for whoever that was - could you please 
post their latest Philodendron seed list with prices for us?

Below is their old list to give people an idea of species and costs:

PHILODENDRON              1000 seeds US$

adamantinum                15
"Angra dos Rios"           16
barryi                     25
bipinattifidum             8
colombianum                18
cordatum(oxycardium)       15
crassihyrzum               20
crassinervium              18
eichleri                   50
erubescens                 15
evansii                    25
eximium                    40
cymbispathum               20
giganteum                  40
grandifolium               40
hastatum                   15
imbe                       8
lundii                     12
mello- barretoanum         35
myrmecophyllum             35
ornatum                    20
pittieri                   30
pseudoradiatum             30
rubrinervum                15
sagittatum                 30
saxicolum                  30
selloum                    9
selloum var. Sao Paulo     12
selloum var. Uruguay       12
sellowianum                30
speciosum                  40
subhastatum                25
tuxla                      20
undulatum                  35
wendlandii                 35

Please note that the price includes forwarding by registered airmail.
Participants should give some preliminary consideration to the species 
they would like and hopefully once we get an updated list posted then 
send your selections to Todd. We will then need to work out shipping and 
handling costs from Todd to the participants. 

Best of luck!

Neil Crafter
Adelaide Australia

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