Re: Arum italicum in N. Cal.

It seems to be 'naturalized' around my N. Oakland neighborhood, that's
for sure! I have clumps of it here and there in my garden beds, as do
various neighbors. There seems to be a bit of variability in coloring,
with some having very little white in the leaves, and others having
quite attractive veining. Right now, mine have big splendid leaves,
no signs of spathes.

It shows up more in places that get moderate watering. I haven't really
noticed its spontaneous appearance in the more xeri-scaped spots,
unwatered yards, etc. I guess my vague impression is that the big
orange berries take too long to ripen and thereby spread quickly
without supplemental water during the long dry season.  Could happen,
perhaps, in wetter places, but they drained and filled most of those in
the East Bay a century ago!

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