Re: Biarum bits

>The compost has been
>rotting down for about 6 years and is full of lucerne hay and
>kangaroo-poo ( or is it possum pibbles, koala krap !! )
>It will sure make the aroids 'hop' to it when they get their roots
>down !
>What do you northeners use in your compost heaps ? Moose-manure ?
>Racoon-raisins ? or maybe even Deer- doooos.
>Now I have lowered the tone of the conversation I'll go.
>             Rob  (temperate zone 9 /10 Melbourne. Australia )

Well Rob, I don't know about others, but as the snow melts away from my
garden I can see a lot of dog and cat crap. Not my compost of choice.


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