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Hi Guj,

The seed came from a privat person in Japan.Had most likely been stored d=
for a longer period.Those wich germinated immediatly were A.ringens with =
single leaf,A.serratum and kishidae,both with tripartite leafs.Those wich
have made bulbs but not emmerged above the soil,where A.serratum
v.amplissimum and yamatense.Dont know but they majbe need an ather period
of cold treatment.Will try with the first one.You will get information ho=
it goes.
Only one of the A.franchetianum has formed a second leaf.Found that it ha=
formed a lanciolate leaf qwite different the others broad obovate.That
migth bee the reason for it to make two leafs,to bee able to store enough
food for the tuber.
Happy Eastern.=20


> Fr=E5n: guy gusman <>
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> =C4mne: Re: seedlings
> Datum:  den 25 mars 1997 14:58
> Just a question to try to understand the problem.
> Where do the seeds come from? Did you collect them on your plants. Were
> they sent by post?
> >Currently on the Arisaema List there is discussion of multiple shoots(=
> >from one seed. I had a A.konjac seed germinate in January. In February
> >up came a second shoot and now there is a third one coming. Any
> >comments?
> >Just curious. None of my others did this.
> >MJ Hatfield
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