Amorphophall konjac


Below is a letter I received, and I thought I would post it for your
comments.  With your permission, I will relay any comment  to Dr. Vuksan.


Dear Prof.Resslar,

I found your name on the Internet searching material related to Konjac
glucomannan.  My understanding is that at the Greenhouse you operate in
Virginia you also have perennial herb Amorphophallus konjac Koch.  We at
the University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Sciences are
interested in this plant because of the root.  The root, which is
cultivated mainly in Japan and China, is planted in spring and harvested
after 3 years. Konjac flour is dried, pulverized, and winnowed tubers of
this herb. The dried tuber of the konjac plant containes about 60-80%
konjac flouer.  The flour containes a high molecular weight, highly viscous
(soluble) dietary fiber, that effects sugar in the blood and cholesterol
concentration.  We studied this material for number of years and determined
its health properties.  One of the problems is that is grown mainly in
Asia, not sufficiently to be exported in larger quantities to N.America.
We would like to explore possibilities of growing Konjac in North America.
If you know anything about this plant please let us know.

Vlad Vuksan
Associated Director, Clinical Trials
Risk Factor modification Centre,
St.Michael's Hospital
Phone:(416)867-7450;  Fax: 867-7442

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