Re: Woo Tau, Taro Root

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Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: Woo Tau, Taro Root

I believe it will be Colocasia e. esculenta, or dasheen, a variety of taro.
The original letter mentioned different sized tubers, and since trhose of
eddoes generally are of simular and more or less uniform sizes (all under 3"
x 5".), and Alocasia does not, as far as I understand form a tuber (the stem
is the edible part) I guess that they are dasheen (up to 6"x 10"), which I
have not heard called Woo Tau, though the part of the name, "tau" suggests
I`d peel then boil it in salted water, then mash with a little butter, milk
and cheese, and enjoy!

>>Gabe --

It may be Alocasia cucullata, the "Chinese Taro."<<

Dean Sliger

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