Large Leaved Aroids ( LLA's )

Hello everyone,

I now grow  some very nice aroids thanks to 
generous donations from  other members of the IAS.  

But as usual there are still plants that I  very much would like to 
grow.  I am looking for very  large leaved aroids . 

In  particular I am looking for the following plants:

- Alocasia  robusta, Colocasia gigantea and Alocasia macrorrhizos.

Does anyone have any of these plants? And if so would it be possible 
for you to send me an offshoot?

I would be very happy with such a young plant!

( if this looks like some shameless begging email, I suppose that's 
because it is :-)  )

best wishes, Anne.

Mr. Anne Olivier

Meerweg 62
9752 JJ  Haren
The Netherlands


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