IAS Website Anthurium Species Page


We have added a new page covering all Anthurium species to the IAS 
website.  To reach the page click your way to it through Araceae, The 
Genera of Araceae, Anthurium Schott, and finally Species of Anthurium.  
Note that when you are at the page prior to the species list, Key to 
Species should read: Key to Species of Sec. Pachyneurium. (This will be 
changed shortly.)

If you wish to go directly to the page with your browser the URL is:

The Anthurium pages will be updated over time with some introductory 
material and a general description of the genus. We also hope to have 
the species linked to several hundred images over time. Dewey and I will 
be doing a lot of camera work in our respective collections, and others 
are certainly welcome to contribute. 

Questions or inputs of a Technical nature may be directed to me.  
Questions or inputs of a Content nature should be directed to Petra 
Malesevich at <malesevi@mobot.org>.

Working through the species list has for me been an Introductory Course in 
Botanical Nomenclature, and I want to thank Tom Croat and Petra for the 
learning experience.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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