newest member

As a contributing (?) member of these listserves, I thought it just made sense
to announce the newest member, at least as far as I am aware.
SAMUEL LINNAEUS ERTELT came into the world at 11:26 pm on Thursday, May 7.
Wanting to do nothing in a small way, he arrived 21" long and 8lb 13 1/2 oz +,
which especially for Mom, by choice with no medication, made him a very large
baby.  Father has recovered, Mother and child are both doing likewise, and
are happy at home, even when Sam is exercising his impressive lung capacity.
Returns to this announcement can be sent directly to me, please, rather than
bother and frustrate some members of our email communities.  My address(es)
are <>  or <>
Celebrate life in all its forms!
- Jonathan Ertelt

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