Re: Alocasia x evansii

If you don't get an answer, contact Rancho Soledad Nursery in Rancho Santa Fe
CA at 619-756-3717. I believe that propagation is extremely difficult from
what we have been told. We were able to purchase their last remaining
evansii. Disney Corp. purchased all the rest. I was told that Mr. Evans, the
hybridizer of the plant, passed away never revealing the specifics of his
hybrid. If this is true, then the plant wouldl become even more rare than it
already is. Good Luck,

Jerry R Hooper wrote:

> I have a Philodendron x evansii in bloom at this time and there are three
> more unopened spathes.  I would like to propagate it.  Can anyone tell me
> if or when it will shed pollen.  This morning the spadix was in perfect
> shape and I photographed it at 4:00 pm or so,  I looked at it about 7:30
> pm and the spadix is falling apart.  There does not apear to be any
> pollen.  Is this hybrid  fertile ?  Cordially,  Jerry Hooper

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