Elephant ear replacement

Judy, there are several species of Colocasia (elephan ear) and one
of them is quite colorful:  Colocasia affinis 'Jenningsii', with
emerald green background and large splotches of purple/black be-
tween the main veins on top.  And then there are the immense
Xanthosoma species, discussed elsewhere here.  I'm not sure they
will make it through a zone 7 winter, but I have a feeling they
will, especially a mild one.  In addition you might think about
outdoors/indoors subjects like the gorgeous Caladium lindenii
which some also put into the genus Xanthosoma;  it is stunning,
with deep green hastate (arrow-shaped) leaves with wonderful zebra-
like white stripes.  It won't however (and to my knowledge) survive
outdoors permanently outside of zones 9b thru 11.  I am the type
who would also plant out pots of Dieffenbachia and Monstera and
Philodendrons and take them in in the winter.  With protection
you might even get P. selloum to survive the winter up there.

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