Plat Identification Terminology

Bob Riffle recently asked a question regarding terminology.  Some of the =
botanical dictionaries cost over $200, but I found an absolute gem:

Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary
James G. Harris and Melinda Woolf Harris, 1994 (5th printing 1997)
Spring Lake Publishing, Spring Lake, Utah (USA)
ISBN 0-9640221-5-X
Cost $17.95

This excellent dictionary/glossary has definitions for over 2400 =
taxonomic terms, all of them illustrated.  There are some 2000 clear =
line drawings-- for those of us who can't remember (or never knew) what =
"monadelphous stamens" are, there are two illustrations.  Our bookstore =
special ordered it and had it in about a week--no charge for special =
ordering!  For $17.95 you can't beat the cost.

For those who want to "key out" plants, or just for general terminology, =
this book it perfect.  It even contains its own keys to such things as =
leaf margin types, surfaces (just what is the difference between =
"pubescent" and "canescent"?), inflorescence types, etc.

Clarence Waldron

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