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Date: Saturday, May 16, 1998 12:23 AM
Subject: Re: Xanthosoma (fwd)
Dear Bob,
It may be X. jacquinii that I`m trying to recall, but certainly not X.
undipes, a plant which is common in the river valleys of Trinidad, W.I.; it
is a HUGE plant with a recumbent rhizome/trunk about 6" thick and sometimes
many feet long, its leaves are simular to the cultivated X. sagittifolia,
but have a shiny , light texture, and the clincher is that the sap which is
brownish, STINKS, and it exudes it in large quantities.
Anyone else have any ideas on the name of the slender Xanthosoma?
Sometime last year there was a picture posted of one of the
pubescent-leaved, smaller Xanthosomas in bloom, and we debated for quite a
while as to its "true" I.D. ( I believe we setteled on X. mexicanum or
somesuch), but I could not find the photo when I looked around this A.M.--
anyone know where it is, as I`m sure that you would enjoy it, Bob.

I'm fairly certain it's not what I kept thinking when I read this

    Also, there is a BEAUTIFUL,slender and tall (4 ft.) Xanthosoma sp.
    locally, its leaves are elongately sagittate, crinkled, with
    silvery and darker stripes that are along the viens, someone
    once told me its name, but I can not bring it to mind at the moment

but what I thought was Xanthosoma undipes (X. jacquinii)

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