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Sender: "Eduardo Gon=E7alves" <edggon@hotmail.com>
Subject: X. conspurcatum

Dear Julius,

     You can find X. conspurcatum in the Graf=B4s Exotica, unproperly=20
named as X. jacquinii lineatum or X. "maculatum". It is a species from=20
Venezuela, and you can find a good despription in Bunting=B4s revision of=
Venezuelan aroids (Sinopsis de las Araceas Venezolanas - Acta Bot.=20
Venez.). If your spanish is well, you will enjoy a lot.=20

your friend,=20

P.S. How your X. striatipes are doing... Let me know.=20

>Dear Eduardo,
>I am not afmiliar with X. Conspurcatum, where can I find a=20
drawing/illus. of
>this plant?   I believe that the plant name I forgot is X. jaquinii,=20
which I
>see here in collections from time to time.
>Thanke anyway.

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