Re: Arum italicum

Don Martinson wrote:

> >Hi Aroiders,
> >A couple of the Arum italicum that I have been growing since 1992 have
> >finally developed seed pods! The three tablespoons to one gallon of
> >water solution that I poured on them in early spring seemed to stop the
> >bloom rot.
> >Judy Bauer
> >8440 Huckleberry Trail
> >Concord NC 28027
> >US plant zone 7
> Um... I'm confused.  Are you saying that you poured between 3 tablespoons
> and 1 gallon of water on them in early spring or that you poured a solution
> of 3 tablespoons (of what?) in 1 gallon of water on them to stop bloom rot?

Oops! I left out the main ingredient.I mixed 3 tablespoons of Clorox to 1
gallon of water. Then I poured this mixture into the ground where the plants
were growing.

> Don Martinson

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