compost secrets

Dear All
As a new member to Aroid-L newsgroup I thought I'd better introduce 
myself. My name is Robert Woodman and I work at the Royal Botanic 
Gardens ,Kew, London in the Tropical Nursery. I am responsible for 
growing many different plant collections in the nursery but my main 
responsibility is the  development of the Aroid collection.  
I've been working in this section for a little over a year and a half and 
have slowly found my feet when it comes to tropical plants. My previous 
experences have been with hardy plants of the UK and 3 years in the 
Alpine nursery also at Kew. So as you can imagine it's a whole new ball 
game for me.
This is one of the reasons I'm writing, I'm hoping to find out what 
compost mixes have worked for you and any cultivation techniques used so 
that we can improve on what we are already doing. We have played around 
with different mixes for sometime but due to a conservation policy 
banning the use of peat products at Kew the alternatives haven't produced 
the same results as before. If anyone out there is willing to part with 
their secrets of compost mixes it will be greatfully appreciated.
Happy growing.

Robert Woodman
Higher Botanical Horticulturist, Tropical Nurseries
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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