Re: Books on aroids and tropicals

My only comment would be to forget Tropica and get the latest two volume
set of Exotica.  It is full of errors...  but, it is the best that is
available.....  I have Tropica, Exotica and the two Volume set...  Color in
Tropica is not only bad....  It is VERY bad....

The IAS has 'Genera....'  It is the 'Bible'


>I'd like to splurge and add the ULTIMATE tropical plant book(s) to my
>library.  I'm considering: the new "The Genera of Aracae", Exotica,
>Tropica 4, and would like to add one on bromeliads and maybe succulents.
>I know some of these are a bit off-topic...  Any suggestions?  Any
>feedback on "The Genera of Aracae"?
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Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
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