Re: Arisaema saxatile

Dear All,'s the grand 'bunny' award for me, but in all honesty I have to
say that Judy made me do it.  I apologize, and I know she won't let me do=
again.......because she probably won't speak to me again, but don't be a
'bunny' and hit the 'send' key before you see  WHO'S  going to get the
note....and anyone who might be interested in Zantedeschia 'Green Goddess=
may let me know.  I am watching my sister's plant for seed.  If it produc=
some, I'll send as many as I can to anyone who is interested.  Actual see=
will depend on the plant, but don't hesitate to ask.

Hi Judy!
Sue Zunino

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From: Sue Zunino <>
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Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 6:52 AM
Subject: Re: Arisaema saxatile

>Hi Judy!
>My seeds arrived today.  Thank you!  I'm really surprised that they are =
>seeds.  Most Arisaemas have fruit seeds that need to be kept damp.  So y=
>think I could start them in my greenhouse, or do you think I should seed
>them directly outside so that they will become accustomed to my native
>temps. by fall?  How are you going to start yours, and what type of
>surroundings will you eventually plant them in?  These are hardy aren't
>across this aroid beauty: Arisaema saxatile which is fragrant
>For some reason I can't access this page through 'the server' it says, i=
>there another way I can access it?  I really want to see what you're
>about......and then I'll want one too.
>Thanks very much for all the seeds.  I'm still trying to decide where to
>plant them.  I have some planning to do for a seed bed, and Bill is goin=
>help me put up a fence around a nursery where the Wolf can't go.
>I'm going to check on the Zantedeschia 'Green Goddess' hopefully tomorro=
>I'll let you know what the scoop is on that.

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