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Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 16:09:32 -0500
From: Judy Bauer <>
Subject: Re: Arisaema saxatile

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Sender: Judy Bauer <>
Subject: Re: Arisaema saxatile

Sue Zunino wrote:

> Hi Judy!
> My seeds arrived today.  Thank you!  I'm really surprised that they are d=
> seeds.

According to Donna these seeds were collected 1997.

> Most Arisaemas have fruit seeds that need to be kept damp.

I would suggest soaking them before sowing them. I am new at this type of s=
also. I am sure Donna would be glad to answer your questions: Donna Maroni

> So you
> think I could start them in my greenhouse, or do you think I should seed
> them directly outside so that they will become accustomed to my native
> temps. by fall?  How are you going to start yours, and what type of
> surroundings will you eventually plant them in?  These are hardy aren't
> they?

Yes they are suppose to be hardy. I sowed seeds directly into the ground on=
e day
last week. This plant bed is in full shade. It have been well tilled with p=
of composted cow manure.

> >came
> across this aroid beauty: Arisaema saxatile which is fragrant
> For some reason I can't access this page through 'the server' it says, is
> there another way I can access it?  I really want to see what you're talk=
> about......and then I'll want one too.

The web page came up for me.                           Arisaema saxatile Bu=

                           In our early listing and in correspondance this =
for a long time, referred to simply as
                           "mouthwatering species 1". It was then tentative=
called A.aridum but has now been
                           identified as A. saxatile.
                           Pure white to pale greenish-cream with a greatly
elongated, exserted spadix of yellow the
                           stunning appearance of this plant is not its onl=
appeal, as it is also delightfully fragrant. This
                           is a very rare feature in the genus.
                           A. saxatile is a small plant and is wonderfully =
forming and readily propagated from
                           its original collection made at at an altitude o=
1500m, near Shennongjia in the province of
                           These are nice, firm, medium-sized but
flowering-sized tubers

Full bloom picture:

> Thanks very much for all the seeds.  I'm still trying to decide where to
> plant them.  I have some planning to do for a seed bed, and Bill is going=
> help me put up a fence around a nursery where the Wolf can't go.
> I'm going to check on the Zantedeschia 'Green Goddess' hopefully tomorrow=

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