Just found this list through a friend that said of you all: "...they are a
bunch of real plant freaks..." so naturally I decided I had to join even
though I do not grow too many aroids yet-just a couple arums and
amorphophallus. I do however plan to grow more when my greenhouse space is
expanded. Unfortunately the plants tend to expand much quicker than space
ever does.

I am a student of botany and an avid horticulturist growing mostly desert
shrubs, trees, etc, and I have a special affininity with tropical deciduous
forest plants like Bursera, Jatropha, Manihot, Bombax-that sort of thing,
along with cacti, succs, a few orchids, and whatever else I can get to grow
since I know few parameters-as long as it is photosynthetic! I am studying
desert ecology and also working on a book on the ethnobotany of the Sonoran
Desert which as of this date is about 700pgs.

I am looking forward to learning from you all.

I do have Arum italicum seeds that I would like to germinate. I am assuming
it is going to be easy since the plant is fairly common. Any hints?


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