Anthurium media

      Just a little more re. media for Anthurium's now that coconut
husks have had a good airing. In reality 95% of Anthurium's couldn't
be killed off with a meat axe including A. clarinervium, so what they
are grown in or on isn't that important as long as the media drains
well and you keep within the accepted Ph levels.
    It's the other five percent that are either difficult to grow or
just refuse to adapt to local conditions that need media
experimentation  This was the main reason for  suggesting composted
coconut husks as a alternative media. Other alternatives and there are
plenty just require a little more imagination.
    One of our better results was achieved by growing plants in a
pumice stone bed with very little of anything else added. This summer
we are going to try coke (as in coal) as the main media component for
some of the few plants that just refuse to grow in garden beds. Light,
aerated and won't hold lots of moisture, it should work. (Even better
as coke is available anywhere and is very cheap)
    You would have to be a bit silly to take these thoughts as a
suggestion that we all go out and repot our plants in pumice or coke
but alternatives are worth thinking about with the more difficult to
grow plants as outdated stodgy thinking won't preserve the rarer
plants for the future.=7F

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