Re: Pholodendron rot problem

>HELP! My name is Chris Greene with the Indianapolis Zoo Hort. Dept.
>specializing in tropical plants. Recently,in our Amazonian exhibit
>I discovered our largest wild collected Philodendron broken off at
>the tip.On examining it further,I discovered a case of stem rot.
>I cut the stem back to healthy tissue(whew,what a rotten smell!)
>and left it on exhibit.I tried to save the tip but it rotted off.
>2-3 weeks to prevent it from spreading down the stem. I've tried
>drenching w/Phyton & Benlate,I've even tried dipping the tip cutting
>in sulfur, but no luck. I am desparate to save this plant as it's one
>of our nicest,wild collected plants from Peru.After cutting back the
>stem to healthy tissue the stem dries but still rots.The stem turns
>to mush and smells horribly.Is there hope or is this a dumpster
>plant? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>         Thanks,Chris Greene (

If you have a virus, burn it.

Isolate the plant after cutting it back hard.

Try drying the thing out until the leaves droop and the "rot" stops, or
does not.

Take a cutting that includes the part that shows disease, with at least two
nodes. Clean your knife with, and cut and dip the later in peroxide. Expose
to the air to dry (away from the rest of your plants) and then cut to the
next node and try to root in a barely moist sterile medium. Try the sulphur

Ask Dewey, who might actually know what he is talking about.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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