RE: not-so-variegated Alocasia micholitziana variegata

>From: on behalf of Lester Kallus
>Sent: 	Wednesday, November 19, 1997 7:25 PM
>Subject: 	not-so-variegated Alocasia micholitziana variegata
>I have (or perhaps should say "had") a variegated Alocasia micholitiziana
>"Frydek".  It came with one macerated leaf and an active growing tip.  The
>next 3 leaves were nicely variegated and the plant continued to grow quite
>The last leaf to come out was solid green with some very faint lighter
>green discolorations.  A new leaf now is also nearly totally green with
>little if any variegation.
>Do these plants revert?  Have I spent a near fortune for a plant that I
>already had?  Is there anything I can do to increase its variegation?  The
>light level had actually increased when the variegation began to decrease.
>It was outdoors at the time and night temperatures were dropping into the
>low 50s.  It's now indoors and the light level has consequently dropped but
>the temperature has increased.
>         Les
>Dear Les,
>I have seen variegated Alocasias put out all-green leaves, then start to
>produce the variegated or part variegated leaves after an interval.  I have
>also noticed that larger plants seem to produce less variegated leaves than
>the immature and smaller plants.
>Do any other growers out there notice this "trend"?
>Good luck.

I have witnessed this phenomenon in other species and have noted that
cuttings from a variegated plant that has reverted to green sometimes
regain their variegation after they become established.

What is the explanation for this? Could it be a genetic thing that is
somehow "switched" back on by the trauma of the propagation method?

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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