Re: Time Consumer....

Dewey Fisk wrote:
> Now, this is one that will take the rest of your life to go to all of the
> URL's.
> Go to <> and into 'Plant-Link'.....  Then enter
> your favorite plant name...  Caution....  Do not enter 'Aroid'....  The
> rest of your spare time for the rest of your life is GONE!
> Depending on your point of view....  You will either love the site...  or
> hate me for the rest of your life for consuming all your spare time.
> Dewey
> Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
> Your Source for Tropical Araceae

I selected "D" for Dewey. Then I clicked on Dewey Sedge. I was expecting
Dewey Sage. 
Judy Bauer,
a plant lover with a personality

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