RE: Lasiomorpha senegalensis

From: on behalf of David SCHERBERICH
Sent: 	Sunday, September 28, 1997 9:45 PM
Subject: 	RE: Lasiomorpha senegalensis

>A. Hay did a paper, "Cyrtosperma (Araceae) and its Old World Allies" in 
>33 (1988) 427-469 and "sraightens" out the names/relations. It was discribed
>as Lasiomorpha by Schott in 1857, then Engler put in into Cyrtosperma in 
>and now Hay has determined that it is not a Cyrtosperma and is in a Genus of
>its own, and I agree with him after I`ve grown it for a few years.  I have
>just been sucessful in hand pollenating two blooms on my plants, so will have
>seed available of this wonderful plant in the near future if no catastrophe
>befalls the developing fruit!
>Did you see any seed on the plants that you photographed?

>>Dear Julius,

Thank you very much for the above information. I didn't check for seeds,
but as far as I remember I haven't seen any fruit. There was much leaves
and very few flowers, but it was very impressive as the one I photographed
was nearly as tall as me (1m80). I remember seeing people selling the
flowers in Abidjan, but I don't know if it was from cultivation.

If you get enough seeds, I would welcome a few.



Dear David,
My fruit continue to develop seemingly well thus far, and I will put you on 
the list!
The blooms are said to be wild collected, and turn up in flower shops in 
Germany sometimes!!
Keep in touch.

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