Re: Thrips

Julius et. al,
> >    Yes, I'm sure about it. They are ugly thrips. The youngsters are
> > whitish and don't fly. The adults are dark brown and fly. I have seem=

> > both stages and there is no doubt they are thrips. I tried soapy wate=
> > and didn't work (now they are just clean thrips). I tried a piretroid=

> > insecticide to garden plants and they liked it. I think they are
> > insecticide-addicted! Now I think I have to try something stronger.
> > Obviously I'm also proceeding lots of hand picking but they are too
> > (approx. 1mm long) and it is a boring work. Dynamite would work but I=

> > think my plants wouldn't enjoy it. I will try some clues that people
told me
> > and will tell all of you what happened.

> A sense of humor is paramount to success.

Au contrare. I'd go with the Trinitrotoluene (TNT). =

On a (slightly) more serious note, now that you have clean thrips, go for=

the jet-wash. We are talking about serious cleanliness here.

Try putting the whole plant in (_rain_) water for a day, 2 days, 3 days,
heck... go for a week if necessary. The thrips will drown (ideally spray
them with some soapy water first - there may still be some specks of dirt=

there). IME the plant doesn't mind it as long as you don't make the
container into permanent living quarters. Oh... and don't forget to
completely cover it with water. Otherwise you will have Robinson Crusoe
thrips. (Or should that be _clean_ Robinson Crusoe thrips?)

Kindest Regards,

Toby Marsden

PS. I think the reason why the soapy water didn't work is that the
treatment was first prescribed for aphids. The long molecules in the
detergent let the water lay on the skin of the aphid, drowning/suffocatin=
it maybe?  Aphids do, I believe, breathe through their skin. Thrips, mayb=
do not. Great idea for the thrips though, soapy water. Normally if there'=
anything wrong with my plants I spray them with (new, improved  - of
course) fairy liquid (lemon flavour works well, I'm told) mixed with wate=
If it's aphids, they drown/suffocate,  if it's a virus, at least it's cle=
and, of course, my plants get their (biennual) bath.

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