More on dormancy

Back in July of 1996, I received some Typhonium tubers, courtesy of Rob Mc
Clure.  I promptly potted them up and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I
even dug into the pot several times to make sure that they had not rotted
or been snitched by varmints.  Finally, this August, as I was finally
preparing to dump the whole pot in disgust, I noted that one tuber was
finally putting up a sprout.  They have all (about 6 of them) now broken
dormancy and are growing just as nice as you please.  Did any of the other
recipients have to wait this long (at least 14 months) for their tubers to
sprout?  Patience is certainly a virtue when dealing with aroids.

Just curious.

Don Martinson
Milwaukee, WI

P.S. And speaking of patience, I'm hoping that the arisaema order from
Madan Tamang will arrive any day now (Oh please! Oh please!) - for those of
you who ordered.  He said he would ship in October.

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