Leaf Number in aroids

Dear David,

   This is my first year growing "Sauromatum" (R.I.P.) venosum and I also
noted some plants with 2-3 leaves. In my opinion, it is quite common in
species quoted to have solitary leaf. I have seen a lot of plants of
Dracontium margaretae with 3 or 4 leaves. Gearum is also said that it have
solitary leaf but I have seen some in the field with 4-5 leaves (my plants
have up to 3 leaves, but they are still babies). Xanthosoma
helleborifolium use to have 2-4 leaves when young and older plants often
have solitary leaves. I also have to admit that some plants never give off
of their solitary leaf. I have never seen a Taccarum or an Asterostigma
with more than 1 leaf.



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