Re: Small Aroids

Donna:  I concur. I consulted with Mike Grayum at beer on Friday and
that was his judgement.
> Tom & Dewey,
> I believe the correct spelling should be Anthurium besseae, in honor of Libby
> Besse.
> Donna
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>  >Dewey:  This is an unpublished name and I will get back to the list
>  about the correct spelling (I have to consult the rules) but I just
>  wanted to say that this plant which I am sure that you have seen at
>  Selby has dramatically changed in the past year.  For years it was
>  dwarfed (Donna Atwood thinks it was due to an overdose of something) but
>  when I saw it recently it was many times larger, with leaf blades to ca
>  25 cm long.  I am sure glad I was patient on this new species!  
>  	By the way if we really want to talk about small aroids we do
>  have to consider Lemna.  While currently in the Lemnaceae molecular work
>  has shown that group to be practically inseparable from Pistia and the
>  Kew group will be proposing it to be subsumed within the Aroideae as a
>  close relative of Pistia.
>  	Tom
>  > Her's a couple more very small aroids...  Anthurium bessei can be seen at:
>  > <> and Caladium
>  > humboldtii var. Marcel..  This is one of the prettiest..  and it only gets
>  > about an inch or two high!!!!
>  > Dewey
>  > 
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