Re: Anthurium plowmanii flowers

All this talk about pollen and seeds encourages me to ask about
Dieffenbachia seeds (I have hesitated for months, because you all have such
exotic species).
I have several species of Dieffenbachia, and most have never produced any
pollen. This year, however, several bloomed at the same time and there was
at least some "dust" on the upper end of the spathes. I brushed this
generously over the lower parts of the spathe of the same plants and of some
others of various species.
I have to say, however, that the result looks to be the same as in other
years, when there was no pollen visible: no seeds swell up, the female
flower parts just turn dark brown or black, and the flower wilts and rots.
Inside, as always, the spathe is now coated with gum (not even soap will
wash the stuff off). Is there any chance that the little black things are seed?
I have never seen any pictures or descriptions of Dieffenbachia seed or of
how to raise the plants from seed. Some of the commercial plants are
supposed to be hybrids, so SOMEBODY must be doing it.
Can anyone help?
Walter Turner
Wuppertal, Germany

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