A. Konjac growing season : A Question (fwd)


Craig Smith sent me the question below as he did not receive any 
responses from the list when he originally posted it. I cannot, with any 
authority, answer Craig, except to recommend praying. But I want an 
answer to this one also, because I have one Amorphophallus titantum tuber 
that did not go dormant until late April of this year and remains dormant as 
of September 1.  

Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 09:46:46 -0700
From: Craig Smith <craigsmith@sprintmail.com>
To: burns@mobot.org
Subject: A. Konjac growing season : A Question

Hello Don,
A few weeks ago I sent out this question along with an offer to send 
people Konjac tubers.  I got several requests for tubers (which I will 
send) but not one answer to my question.  I thought that, since the 
question was attached to the end of the note, people might have missed it 
(or assumed that someone else would answer).  Could you please help me 
with some advice???

My largest tuber came up very late this year.  As a result, it
will have a very short time to regrow its tuber.  Around here, near 
Rochester NY, the leaf of an A. Konjac turns yellow and dies in mid to 
late September.  I would like to prolong growth for a few extra weeks but 
I as not sure what the trigger is that causes the plant to wither. Can 
you please tell me if it is the colder temperatures in the daytime, the 
colder temperatures at night, the soil temperature, the shorted days 
(light), the dimmer light, or something else???????  If you can tell me 
the answer, I will try to accommodate the trigger and hopefully get 
enough extra time to offset the late start.  Any suggestions will be 

Thank you for your help.

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