RE: Amorphophallus leaf size (was growing season)

From: on behalf of Rand Nicholson
Sent: 	Tuesday, September 09, 1997 9:44 AM
Subject: 	RE: Amorphophallus leaf size (was growing season)

>Hey, keep your eyes open for the info on that palm.  I will keep mine open
>where I read that the larger species of Amorphophallus produced the largest
>leaf of any plant, including palms.  I don`t know what criteria were used in
>judging this "contest", but it seems to me to fall into the stupid ones like
>"what is the most venomous snake?"  ALL the major ones will do the job on
>the same as a fall from a 10 story building will kill you just as well as a
>fall from a 50 story one!  Those are BIG leaves in any language!
>Good luck with your plants.

>>Yes, Julius: But the taller ones give you more time to enjoy the trip.


Dear Rand,
Yes!! And the fall NEVER kills you, it`s that damn sudden stop!!

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