Re: Dranunculus vulgaris Source & Related Question(s)

Hi Doug,
I bought my Dranunculus vulgaris from Breck's garden catalogue and
planted it December 1, 1990. I live in North Carolina, plant zone 7. I
consider it a strange growing plant. It will bloom, then the bulbs
appears to rot, then it reblooms the following year. This past Spring
1997 I moved the bulbs before they bloomed. As a result of moving the
bulbs, it did not bloom this year. It will be interesting to observe
this plant's behavior next spring. 
I enjoyed the web site that you sent :
Your first year experience with Dranunculus vulgaris sounds about like
my first year experience, no bloom.
What plant zone are you located in?
Have you tried growing Cally lilies? These are hardy here in zone 7. I
will have some seed shortly. You will need to store these seed inside
over winter, then plant them out doors next spring,(that is if you have
the same growing conditions as I have).
Have you had any experience growing Arum italicum. They bloom then the
bloom rots. Therefore I don't have any of the beautiful red berries that
should develop around mid August. Maybe my Arums have some sort of
fungus that could be treated? Any suggestions"?
I'm very tired. Past my bedtime. Hope to hear from you.

Doug Burdic wrote:
> Hello All,
> Last year I was fortunate enough to obtain some small Dranunculus
> vulgaris from Rob in Australia and since my first unsucessful season of
> growing them, I have searched the internet looking for answers as well
> as any source for more plants without any luck.(Rainforest Gardens in
> Canada sells them, but not to Oregon) Either I am not looking in the
> right place, or else there just isn't anything written about this plant
> on the net!? I did manage to find two beautiful pictures of  Dranunculus
> vulgaris along with a few words about the plant, but that is the extent
> of what I came up with while trying to answer my own questions. You can
> view these at the following URLs:
> My plants were potted in a sandy loam w/good drainage and lightly
> fertilized. Same basic treatment I gave all my Aroids which are doing
> great with this one problematic exception. The new leaves would elongate
> and then dry up before they opened.  The roots were checked and looked
> fine, with no insect or fungus problems on the rhizome(tuber,corm,?).
> Out of 9 shoots, only one actually formed a true 6" leaf(height not
> width). This week I excavated and removed the rhizome, fully expecting
> to find mush, but all appears healthy? In fact, there are several new,
> white lateral shoots that give all indication of beginning their spring
> growth!(?) I had been prepared to put this plant through the dry
> dormancy in my shop with the others, but am now having second thoughts
> since I would imagine this succulent new growth wouldn't survive.Should
> this be stored in sightly damp peat instead?  Any ideas, prayers or
> suggestions of what I did wrong & what should be done with these plants
> given the above information would be greatly appreciated, as well as any
> much needed cultural information you might have on this species.
> Finally, does anybody know of a commercial source for Dranunculus
> vulgaris or happen to have any larger ones that they would want to sell?
> I'm not obsessed with this plant...but close.
> Apologize for the length of this post and thanks in advance for any
> information you can give me.
> Best Wishes,
> Doug
> Doug Burdic

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