Re: "Genera of Araceae"

Something of which Don was not aware.....

Peter Boyce is sending a rather sizable quantity of "Genera of Araceae" to
the IAS.  He will be selling and autographing there.

Now, you can order from whomever....  but, if you would like to have an
autograph....  Peter will be happy to do so...

You may order from the IAS...

Send a note to the IAS that you would like to have a copy.  Peter will
autograph and we will hold your copy pending receipt of your check....

The only problem is we do not know exactly how much it will cost...  As you
know, it is listed in the Brochure at 86.25 Pounds.....   Now, how that
translates to US Dollars now and if there will be a new exchange rate by
the end of Sept....  I don't know...  We will also have to add postage.

So, your choice...  Autographed or no....

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

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