Re: Anthurium trinerve

Dear Geoffrey

Just a brief note to advise you that the seeds arrived today 18th 
September.  That's quick service.  I will sow them in damp 
vermiculite in a heated prop box.  Let me know if there is anything I 
can send to return the favour.

Nick Miller
Rotorua, New Zealand
> 4 more packages of seed are going out today and I think that fulfils 
> everybodys requests,27 in total,  if you asked me for seeds and do not 
> receive a package within the next week or so do let me know and I will try 
> again. With the vagaries of the various countries postal systems (I got 
> requests from as far afield as Taiwan, New Zealand, Paris etc) it would not 
> be surprising if one or two went astray. Early feedback from recipients 
> suggests 100 percent germination! Certainly my own sowing of these seeds is 
> now about 1/2 inch high and growing really strongly. 
> I returned from a brief trip to Amsterdam last weekend and 'lo and behold', 
> guess what I saw in the famous flower market there, yup, you guessed it, 
> A. trinerve! So it seems that someone in Europe at least is growing and 
> distributing this plant (my original plant came from Stockholm, Sweden). If 
> you have never been to Amsterdam and can get there do make the effort, there 
> is a beautiful Botanic Garden attached to the Free University with a 
> wonderful aroid collection plus many other exotics. Hans Hvissers who is one 
> of the specialists there (he writes to this list also) is doing great work in 
> propagating and disseminating aroids and I am sure will be happy to see you. 
> We desperately need gardens like this one, it relies entirely on donations 
> and grants unlike the bigger national gardens in many countries and yet does 
> pioneering work in conservation and dissemination of species. My thanks to 
> Hans for a wonderful visit.
> Regards to all,
> Geoffrey Kibby
> International Institute of Entomology
> 56 Queen's Gate
> London, SW7 5JR
> Tel: 0171-584-0067
> e-mail: 

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