Re: What is it?

     Sounds like Colocasia esculenta `Fontanesii'
     Alistair Hay

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Subject: What is it?
Author:  <> at mailgate
Date:    9/3/98 3:37 PM

I have a purple stemmed "taro" that I collected from a creek in Santa Cruz, 
CA, about 4 months ago.  The owner of the property was uncertain of the 
origin of these plants or of their names.  They were growing in about 
12"-24" of slow moving water and had become rather invasive; an annual 
event I understand.  At home, I potted them in 12" pots were they grew 
within 6 weeks to about 4'-5' high and produced a goldish inflorescence 
that was quite beautiful.  Every 4 days or so, another flower would emerge 
from just above the origin of the preceding flower's source.  Of the four 
plants that are potted, three of them produced 4 flowers in this way.  At 
this time, it looks like two of them have set seed as they are not wilting 
and beginning to swell.
If I send a photo(s) of these, will someone identify them for me?  If the 
seeds do develope, I can send them to Aroidiana for distribution.  Thank 
you, Gary

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