Re: Amorphophallus titanum - Cultivation/Propagation

You are one lucky fellow.  I've been trying to find a Titanum for several 
years with no luck.  
I have my A. Konjac in the direct sun in a very large pot and there is no 
problem if I water it adequately.  I get good growth and 'flowers' every 
year on tubers over 1Kg.  5 last year. Someone on the list said that his 
A. Titanum made offshot tubers when it was in a relatively small pot 
(like yours). 'Flowers' can take a while.  On my Konjac, I got a 7 1/2 
foot 'flower' after about 5 years from a 13 pound tuber.  That's the 
biggest one I've gotten.  When the leaf dies back you might look in the 
soil like in the Konjac and see if any have formed.  [If they have, I'd 
be glad to trade you a 'flowering size' Konjac for a Titanum tuber.]  In 
any case, I'd just make sure you water and feed it enough and it should 
be happy.  I used to have a small greenhouse but now I have to dig it out 
of the large pot every year.  But that gives me a chance to collect the 
babies.  I give them to friends and local botanical groups to sell  - I 
put them in plastic bags with a list of directions.  
Craig Smith in upstate New York.

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