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Re: Re: OT animal cataracts

I know it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, but I have insurance on
Sugar. It's fairly reasonable - about 13.50 a month. Should she ever get
ill w/ something treatable, it will help. Though I pray she doesn't of

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From: "Libby Valentine" <L_Valentine@adelphia.net>
Reply-To: gardenchat@hort.net
Date:  Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:54:15 -0500

>Thanks, Kitty.  From my web research, I find it is always referred to as
>Very Expensive.  The difference between a single surgical session doing 1
>eye and doing 2 eyes is "relatively small" - they seem to recommend doing
>both at once.  I have a lot of trouble  putting a price tag on my pet's
>vision - now I understand why people end up spending their life's savings on
>their pets - it's not easy to draw the line.
>If I did not know there were animal opthomologists specializing in animal
>cataract surgery I would just deal with his eventual blindness (again having
>read that cats & dogs normally adjust fairly easily - indoors, that is).
>One of our other cats has a big area of scar tissue on one of her corneas -
>as a feral kitten she had a bad eye infection and by the time we rescued her
>and treated the infection the damage was done.  They can't fix that.  She
>would be in trouble outside with limited vision in that eye, but she's fine
>inside.  Looks like this generation of cat-children is going to teach us
>about cat vision.
>I have more to think about - thanks again.
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>From: "Kitty" <kmrsy@comcast.net>
>To: <gardenchat@hort.net>
>Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2004 5:54 PM
>Subject: Re: [CHAT] Re: OT animal cataracts
>> Libby, that's a shame.  My Braveheart, about 9yrs, has cataracts in one
>> Every year I'd ask the vet about treatments and he would poo-poo it; said
>> he'd be fine.  It makes him sort of nervous because he can't see clearly.
>> Well, we were just in last month for his annual checkup and I asked again.
>> He said that most of the sight in that eye is probably gone, but that cats
>> adjust.  However, your cat's problem is in both eyes and I can see why
>> you're worried.
>> If I were in your shoes, I'd say that much depends on that price tag and
>> guarantees you'd receive.  I haven't got a clue what this would cost, but
>> it is in the 1000s of $s, I might be inclined to let him go blind.  Not
>> because I care more about the money (though it must be considered unless
>> you're wealthy) than I do about my cats, but because he will be ok without
>> the surgery and that money can be put to work benefitting more animals.
>> Since he is an indoor cat and he's not blind yet, he will spend the next
>> years learning every micro-inch of your home.  Over time, every smell and
>> sound will be cataloged in his little brain.  Cats have surprisingly long
>> memories.  As long as you have a more or less quiet home without too many
>> sudden bursts of kids screaming and unexpected noises, etc, he will
>> be quite happy.  My guess is that as his sight disappears he will be more
>> inclined to be right there with you whenever possible.  So you may have to
>> be a little bit careful so that you don't stumble over him.
>> Many years ago I was faced with the choice of surgery for my 15 yr old
>> Orangecat.  There were no guarantees he would survive the surgery.  I
>> decided he'd had a better 14 yrs with me than many cats experience and it
>> was time to let go.  By not spending that $, I was able to take in 2 more
>> cats.  It was a terribly hard choice to make, but I don't regret it.
>> Conversely, Mick, at about 4yrs, experienced a life-threatening blood
>> problem requiring complete transfusions, etc.  There were no guarantees,
>> he was young and otherwise healthy.  I spent the $800 and he pulled
>> just fine.  Definitely worth it.
>> A second opinion is a good idea if it is a vet whose opinion you trust.
>> the end, the decision is yours.  I suppose if I were the cat I'd like to
>> least be able to see with ONE eye.  Ask if that's an option and the
>> difference in $.
>> Kitty
>> ----- Original Message ----- 
>> From: "Libby Valentine" <L_Valentine@adelphia.net>
>> To: <gardenchat@hort.net>
>> Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2004 4:07 PM
>> Subject: [CHAT] Re: OT animal cataracts
>> > Anybody had the misfortune to have to deal with cataracts in a young
>> animal
>> > (cat in this case), or had a blind pet?
>> >
>> > Took the most recent addition in for his checkup - we took him in a year
>> ago
>> > Thanksgiving and best guess is he's 3-4 years old.  He's a totally
>> > cat since rescue.  Vet says he now has cataracts in both eyes, probably
>> > hereditary.  She wants me to take him to an animal opthamologist and go
>> the
>> > surgery route.  I do not necessarily think that's the best idea:
>> > considering just logistics there are only 4 specialists in the state,
>> an
>> > hour or more away, and the surgery requires pre-op visits and testing,
>> > surgery, serious post-op care, and a ton of follow-up visits.  Along
>> a
>> > very large price tag, I understand.
>> >
>> > The alternative is he slowly goes blind - from reading I understand this
>> is
>> > much less traumatic for dogs/cats than humans, but still...  I have
>> > reinstated the vitamin C supplement and am also adding a small amount of
>> > antioxidant to his breakfast.
>> >
>> > I'm thinking to wait 6 months then take him to my other vet for a status
>> > check and another opinion.
>> >
>> > Any experiences to share would be appreciated,
>> >
>> > Libby
>> >
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