Re: Amorphophallus kiusianus seed

Dear All

I did not get any A. kiusianus seed from Wilbert Hetterschied, but 
did get A. henryi.  Wilbert suggested I reported my observations on 
A. henryi germmination to Aroid-L.  I planted the seed and a few 
germinated in a relatively short time (Sorry extact dates are at 
home).  I have a few warm (subtropical?) Indian Arisaema species (A. 
caudatum, A. neglectum, A. sahyadricum and a couple of others) and 
these seem to come into growth following a temperature drop.  (If 
people are interested I can explain further.)  I tried this 
temperature drop approach with A. henryi seeds and doubled the 
germination.  This may relate to other 'recalcitrant' Araceae and is 
pehaps worth a punt?  

Eric Walton
New Zealand

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