Nick's Arum purpureospathum; my Alocasia cuprea

As I reported last year, one of the offspring from Nick's original
distribution of A. purpureospathum (going way back here - late 1993?)
bloomed for me last year, at the tender age of 2 years, thus setting a new
world record  :-).  A second one bloomed this year (while last year's 
took the year off).  Eric Walton reported to me that the seeds of last year's
plant finally germinated for him, so now I am convinced that, as several
people told us last year, they either fertilize themselves or don't need 
fertilization (we only had a single inflorescence last year, and that in 
my basement, where pollinators are presumed to be scarce).

Which reminds me - for the first time ever, in my approximately 22 years 
of ownership of this particular Alocasia cuprea (it's been through many 
air-layerings), it has apparently set seed!  I do have two mature plants 
in the house, though not near each other, but they're clones, so I 
surmise that it is (genetically speaking) self-fertile.  Has anyone else 
had one set seed?  If the seeds ripen successfully, I'll certainly offer
some on the list - but don't hit the reply button now - they're still 
bright green.  


-in sunny Oswego, NY, where spring has finally arrived but winter is 
expected to return next week

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