Call for hardy aroid seed

I am working on a project trying to induce mutations in several groups 
of plants.  I have used colchicine as a mutagen in the production of 
terrestrial orchids, and am now going to try it on aroids.

Also,  A friend owns a large medical diagnostic center and has offered 
to radiate seeds for me free of charge.  Her equipment is capable of 
producing high dosages of radiation of several types.  From what I have 
been able to glean from the literature, radiation was used extensively 
in the 1950s and 1960s to produce many mutated african violets.

So.....if you have any spare seed of ANY hardy aroid, I would welcome it 
and be happy to pay for postage.  I don't care how common the species 
is.  I'm especially anxious to try this with Arum italicum and 
Sauromatum venosum.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free (Please, 
please, please!) to contact me at


Mark Evans

581 Owsley Fork Rd.		Home:	(606)986-8285
Berea, KY   40403-9664		Work:	(606)622-1793
				FAX:	(606)622-1174

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