Wishes part 2

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>Hello all,
>I discovered a nice book at my school (Cal Poly) library today - Aroids, by
>Deni Brown.  In it I discovered two more plants that I must get my hand on -
>Amorphophallus cirrifer and Amorphophallus paeoniifolius.  Does anyone grow
>these, or know someone who grows these?  Thanks, feel free to e-mail me at
>Neal Grant

Yes these are two Amorphs I have been after for eons aswell. Wilbert
(well I`m sure it was he...tis a while back now ),was kind enough to
send me a A. Paeoniifolius some time ago. However, it remained dormant
for over a year, then this spring, the tuber succumbed to some form of
rot or similar (despite being kept totally dry and cool..ahh well ). So
it never got going. If yu`re reading Wilbert.........
Steve      aka Agrippa

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