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From: on behalf of Dr. Guanghua Zhu
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To: 	Julius Boos
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Dear all,

I know we have some ginger experts on th list.  Would you please 
help?  Thank you very much.


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> I'm not a botanist...just a gardner and I have a question...
> A freind went to the grocerty store and got a piece of ginger root...he
> roted it and gave me some.  Now it is doing VERY well in my
> garden...growing and multiplying like crazy. I live in Upstate S.
> Carolina where it gets down to 5 degrees in the winter and up to 100 in
> the summers.
> Question: Can I harvest the roots for ginger?  If so, how and when?
> Many thanks
> Mark Malmgren
Guanghua Zhu
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Dear Mark and Guanghua,   I`m NOT a ginger expert by any means, but can give a 
few ideas and suggestions that may be of interst-- I think that ginger grown 
for it`s rhizome may need a longer growing "season" than is available in 
upstate S. Carolina, but I`d try potting it, growing it for as long as 
possible[gingers go dormant after a growing season] then after the leaves[all 
of them ] are dry, I`d dig it up and see what it produced!   If the rhizome 
was insignificant, I`d re-pot it, and grow it for another year, as it just may 
require more than one growing season to produce a sizeable rhizome.   Maybe a 
true expert can correct or add to this!  
        Good luck---Julius

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