Re: Pollenation of D. gigas.

Dear Julius and Hans,

     I'm trying to germinate seeds from both Dracontium margaretae and D. 
bogneri. I sowed them 4 weeks ago and nothing happened yet. I think they 
will only germinate in the next growing season (early October), with 
the first rains of our southern spring. It's a very predictable pattern 
here in the Central areas of South America, where the winter is somewhat 
dry and it is not suitable for the growth of seedlings. Maybe time is 
the key factor. I really don't know if such pattern works for species 
from Central America (as D. gigas), but it can be a clue. Probably 
Guanghua can help us...
      Whatever, I'll notice you when mine sprout. 

Best wishes, 


On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Julius Boos wrote:

> Dear Hans,    I believe that you would have to place pollen from the ELDER of 
> the two infloresences onto the spadix of the YOUNGER as SOON as it opens, as 
> only at this stage is the second [and younger] infloresence at female 
> anthesis.   This was my experience with D. asperum, which I sucessfully 
> pollenated and which I produced seed for me some years ago.   Development to 
> maturity took aprox. ten months! 
>    I wish you luck if you manage to produce seed in germinating them, as none 
> of my seed germinated!   The only person that I know of that has germinated 
> Dracontium seed sucessfully is Joep Moonen in Fr. Guiana, so this hints at a 
> need for keeping them quite warm.   Good luck!
>                                                                       Julius.

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