Re: Pollenation of D. gigas.

Dear  Eduardo,

Tom Croat brough back some Dracontium polyphyllum seeds from Franch 
Guiana a couple of years ago for my study.  If took a long time, more 
than eight weeks, for me to get a few seedlings.  You may have to 
wait some time longer for  Dracontium margaretae.  Please keep us 
posted on what you will find out.

> Date:          Mon, 7 Apr 1997 20:54:30 -0500
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> From:          Eduardo Gomes Goncalves <>
> To:            zhu
> Subject:       Re: Pollenation of D. gigas.

> Dear Julius and Hans,
>      I'm trying to germinate seeds from both Dracontium margaretae and D. 
> bogneri. I sowed them 4 weeks ago and nothing happened yet. I think they 
> will only germinate in the next growing season (early October), with 
> the first rains of our southern spring. It's a very predictable pattern 
> here in the Central areas of South America, where the winter is somewhat 
> dry and it is not suitable for the growth of seedlings. Maybe time is 
> the key factor. I really don't know if such pattern works for species 
> from Central America (as D. gigas), but it can be a clue. Probably 
> Guanghua can help us...
>       Whatever, I'll notice you when mine sprout. 
> Best wishes, 
> Eduardo.
> On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Julius Boos wrote:
> > Dear Hans,    I believe that you would have to place pollen from the ELDER of 
> > the two infloresences onto the spadix of the YOUNGER as SOON as it opens, as 
> > only at this stage is the second [and younger] infloresence at female 
> > anthesis.   This was my experience with D. asperum, which I sucessfully 
> > pollenated and which I produced seed for me some years ago.   Development to 
> > maturity took aprox. ten months! 
> >    I wish you luck if you manage to produce seed in germinating them, as none 
> > of my seed germinated!   The only person that I know of that has germinated 
> > Dracontium seed sucessfully is Joep Moonen in Fr. Guiana, so this hints at a 
> > need for keeping them quite warm.   Good luck!
> >                                                                       Julius.
> > 
> > 
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